The perfect match!

The original high quality GRÖNFELD planters made in aluminium are the perfect fit for Green houses in any sizes. The modular design posibilities makes it easy to design in the length, height matching your green house. Special colour is also possible. Below you find more inspiration and link to relevant products.

Green house

Easy order and transport

Simple order of modules on webshop and recieve packages to your door-step with GLS/DHL or alike.

Green house

Lightweight modules

The GRÖNFELD aluminium modules are easy to move and carry.


Easy assemble

GRÖNFELD modules are easy to assemble -no tools needed! You will get very far within 5 minutes.

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Green house

Modular gardeing

Simple fill assembled plantes wiht soil and you are good to go. GRÖNFELD planters are made high quality aluminium material and will last 25+ years

Green house

Fulfill your dream

Add the icing of the cake with the plants of your choice. Remember GRÖNFELD modules are available in a varity if height and sizes,


Planters for self-watering units

Below you find our section of GRÖNFELD modules with the perfect fit for selfwatering units, often being used in greenhouses.

Need help on design for your greenhouse? Contact us here.