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Do you supply planters in special sizes ?

Yes, as we have our own production and design-team, it is possible for us to do project-specific production.

We do recommened using our standard modules and sizes as special design products are more expensive and has a longer deliverytime.

Please contact us with the details of your project at:

How fast does the planters in raw-iron/Corten steel get rust surface?

Once placed outdoors the planters in raw-iron and Corten steel start the process of rust-surface.
For raw-iron the process can be 3-5 weeks. Corten steel 1-2 weeks.

You can "speed-up" the rust process by doing the following:

Using soap-water. Wash down the oouter surface of the planter, removing alle oil from steel.

  • Disolve salt in water.
  • Over a few days wash the outer surface of the planter with your salt-mix. Consider useing a small spray container.
  • 2-3 days hereafter you should see instant changes in the rust-surface.

Do you do special colours?

Yes, it is possible for us to produce our aluminium-planters in special-colours.

Please contact with information on your project.

Does raw-iron/corten steel leave marks?

You need to be aware that our steel products, once rusted, can leave marks on concrete, tiles and wood-deck.
Corten steel leave the least marks.

Can I use edge-trimmer next to you planters?

Yes and depends on the material.

Our planters in raw-iron, corten and Galvanized will not be affected being hit by trimmer-wire.

We do not recommend using a electric-trimmer close to planters made in Black aluminium.

How to I maintain planters in aluminium?

Our planters in aluminium require minium of maintance, and can simply be left outside all year.

Do not remove dirt or alike using a brush. Instead spray with pleanty of water and soft cloth/sponge to avoid scratching.

How are items packed?

Most of our products are modules being clicked together. See packing of modules here

Items are being sent using standard parcel-service. Instructions on assembly is printed on boxes.

The parcels are easy to carry.

Does the base for your planters allow drainage of water?

Yes, the base plate being used for our planters all have holes for drainage of water.

Can I simply place the palnter/raised bed directly on soil?

Yes, this is no problem.

We do recommend leveling and supporting the base where you installe your planter.